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Welverdiend deserves its’ name. Here everyone earns his rights and privileges. We support everyone’s right to have a warm bed, food and clothing, as well as education and love, but you still have to earn the privileges before you can reap the rewards.

The ages of the twelve boys in Welverdiend vary between 14 and 17 years. Yes, Welverdiend is a boys’ house and the child-care members are very proud of them. The house is managed by Veronica Pono, relief child-care worker Jeanette du Toit and assistant Sinah Khumalo.

Various activities are arranged for the children. Aikido, wrestling, soccer, swimming and rugby are but a few of the activities that the boys engage in. They regularly attend tournaments.

The Christian coffee-room offers spiritual upliftment and the children’s experience are enriched by taking them on educational and cultural excursions.

The boys from Welverdiend attend the following schools; Böhmer, Dr Viljoen, Jim Fouché, Lettie Fouché, Bloemfontein High, Dr. Blok and Batho Primary School.

We are extremely fortunate in having sponsors who support us in prayer and with openhearted contributions. Welverdiend is spoiled by the Dutch Reformed Church congregations of Bloemfontein West, Bloemheuwel and Leeuberg. Trevor’s Marketing Distribution CC is also involved.

Christel is especially active in spiritual development.

These congregations and instances enable us to provide what the boys need.

A sincere thank you to all of them!