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Welriedal Child and Youth Care Centre


The chairman of our Governing Body is Rev. Christo Nel.   Me. Annette van der Merwe, chairperson of the Child Care Committee, is a pillar of support. Mr. Wimpie Muller takes care of our finances.

The children of our centre will tell you that the community of the Gold Fields also have hearts of gold! Doctor Francois de Wet (our medical doctor) and Henriëtte Oberholzer (psychologist) offer their services to us – free of charge. The SAPS are not only our neighbours in Riebeeckstad, but also offer wonderful support. Thank you Insp. Melanie Fouché!
Welriedal receives a monthly subsidy from the Department of Social Services (65% of our budget). The committee members work very hard for extra financing and donations. Lovely Ivana Palmer, our marketing lady, always dreams up new ideas for funds. Numerous people of the community donate generously, e.g. Woolworths, who donate food every week. With high electricity costs, plans have to be made to let ends meet.

All the churches of Riebeeckstad are very good to us and we feel privileged to be visited by religious youth workers every week. Rev. Christo Nel is responsible for huge inputs in the children's lifes with his weekly bible study group for the children.

Other management members: 

Ansie Smit, Charl Whatley, Thea Meyer, Braam Fourie and Marie van Rooyen.


All the boys live in one house with Anita and Schalk Vorster. The girls live across the street with Clotilda Hattingh. All children are under 18 years and from various cultural groups. Sometimes, one of our houses serve as a Place of Safety in an emergency and then there are more than 12 children in a house.

The children of Welriedal attend Riebeeckstad Secondary School, Orion High School and Koppie Alleen Primary School. One of our boys study law at the Free State University.  Most do well at school and also take part in sports and cultural activities. Some of our learners are prefects at their schools.

The Welriedallers are a lively lot! We love camping and all the boys, (and some of the girls!) know how to fish. We often go for walks with the dogs and enjoy cycling with “Oom” Faan. You will find a farm yard at Welriedal 1, where eggs are produced for our own use.


Monica Venter is our social worker since August 2008.  Her telephone number and fax is: 057 – 3576554 / 079 499 4682. The child care workers are Anita Vorster and Clotilda Hattingh. The assistants are Selina Khata , Suzan Rakwata and Alfred Myonyoba.

Community involvement

Although the community gives their support, there are still areas where help is urgently needed:
  • Hosting of children during holidays and weekends is also an important need.
  • Involvement with the committee.
  • Special care for the maintenance of vehicles and buildings.
  • Sponsor a child for sport activities.
  • Sponsor a child who needs specialised medical attention like orthodontics and spectacles.
  • A cosy garden corner where family can visit their children.
  • Help with the municipal account.

Postal Address:

Box 19
9460 057-388 5730 (Welriedal 1) 057-388 2158 (Welriedal 2)
Our address is 1 and 2 Liszt Street, Riebeeckstad, near Welkom in the Free State Gold Fields. The name Welriedal originated from Welkom, Riebeeckstad and Odendaalsrus. This name was decided upon on 7 August 2003 by our Governing body, to represent the communities of the area.