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Welkom Child and Youth Care Centre

During 2001 a building was donated by the Gold Field Mining Group to the “NG Welfare” for a child and youth care centre at 13 and 15 Othello Road, Welkom. At first, the staff and management of the Winburg Children’s Home were closely involved in this project. At that stage, there were 57 children from the Goldfields living in the Winburg Children’s Home. Two youth care centres opened in Riebeeckstad and adv. Oberholzer helped in establishing committees at the Welkom Youth Care Centre. The Circuit of the Welkom Dutch Reformed Church decided to support this centre. They decided to become part of this project as a community project. The following Dutch Reformed members were chosen as members of the governing body: Mrs. M. Delport, G. Haylett, B. Mostert and Rev. J. Scholtz were appointed as representatives of the St. Helena Dutch Reformed Church.

On 1 May 2004 the official opening took place and Annatjie Weideman is the child care worker.  As from January 2008 Sophia Gaekgwathe and Emily Leputhing are the assistants.  The relief worker is Yvonne Steyn.  The social worker is Ms. Monica Venter 079 499 4682.  She visits the centre once a week.

Improvements were made to the original building. A large living room and pleasant flat for the child care worker were part of the renovation. The first furniture came from the Winburg Children’s Home. The Welkom community made generous contributions. Clear Water Pools donated a pool. Nedbank donated new beds and many businesses gave donations. The subsidy from die Department of Social Devolopment covers 70% of the monthly running costs. The centre is dependent on the community’s involvement to function financially. At this milk, eggs, cleaning agents and some groceries are received regularly.  Two docters, Nieuhoudt and Van Heisden, provide medical care to our children free of charge.  Greg Barnes of Calibre Enginering  monthly pays the municipal account on behalf of the child and youth care centre.  E-cars take care of the vehicles of the centre. We are grateful for donations received from the public and some businesses.


Welkom Youth Care Centre is registered for the care of twelve children, ten of which reside in the centre and two are in Amari School for severely handicapped children, but once a month they have a weekend to go out and then they come home to the centre.

The schools attended by the children are St Helena, Orion, Welkom Gimnasium and Amari.  The youngest boy is eleven months old.

Twice a year we distribute a newsletter to our donors and to the community to thank them and bring them up to date with our activities.

Each term the children strive to be chosen as the boy or girl of the term.  At the end of the year a trophy is awarded to the boy and girl of the year at the end of the year function with the management committee.  This trophy stays in the centre but is displayed with the winners name engraved on it.  They receive an certificate and are treated to a meal with the house parents.
A special relationship exists between the Welkom Youth Care Centre and personnel from surrounding schools. We are grateful for the input made by teachers.
Our centre has much to be thankful for. We, as the management and staff, try to make a difference in the lives of our children. In our vicinity there is a shelter to which we give extra pumpkin and spinach if not used. We also take food to the children at the rubbish dumps.
Our children are very gifted and partake in singing and attend services at the Dutch Reformed Church, St Helena.
Our motto is: 'Today's youth - tomorrow's future.' 


Othelloweg / Road 15
Posbus / P O Box 55264
Eerstemyn 9466

Tel: 057 3532607


Management committee:

Chairperson - Mr. Wessel Pretorius 083 463 2586
Vice-chairperson - Mr Ben du Plessis, 083 411 6781
Sectretary - Ms Christa Maree, 082 449 0107

Child care committee:

Chairperson - Me. Betty Mostert 083 625 1102
Vice-chairperson - Ms Marthie de Klerk, 083 556 2225
Secretary - Ms Marriëta Delport 082 331 1723


Hans de Klerk 082 514 6803
Marthie de Klerk 083 556 2225 / 057-352 2257
Marie Jacobs 084 294 8665
Brenda Bartlett 057-357 5786
Hannetjie Strydom 082 670 5161
Lorinda Volschenk 057-353 3530 / 083 449 4811
Anita Barnard 082 692 1824

Financial committee:

Chairperson - Mr. Wessel Pretorius 083 463 2586
Vice-chairperson - Mr. Ben du Plessis, 083 411 6781
Secretary - Ms Anne-Rita van Heerden 072 023 0774

Staff Members



Child care worker: Annatjie Weideman

082 041 0313

Assistant: Sophia Gaekgwathe

Social worker: Monica Venter

057 357 6554

079 499 4682

Principal: Christa Maree

082 449 0107