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Viljoenskroon Child and Youth Care Centre

A meeting was called with the community of Viljoenskroon on the 20th September 2001 to discuss the need of a child and youth care centre in town. Me. Lizanne Wilken, the social worker at KMD and previously from Winburg Youth Care Centre arranged the meeting. On 23 October 2001 the first such meeting was held.

Decentralisation caused the need for the centre and the home of widow Crous was purchased by NG Welfare at 49 Piet Retief Street, as it was spacious and required minimum alterations. In 2006 we received money from NG Welfare to renovate the building and we built a new section for girls, a lounge and an office for the social worker. The inauguration was on the 1st of June 2007.


The centre can accommodate 12 children - 6 girls and 6 boys. The ages of the children differ from a baby to teenagers. 


All our children attend the Solomon Senekal High School which is within walking distance from the centre. They participate in sport like netball, hockey and rugby. They also participate in cultural activities like the revue.


The children attend services of the Dutch Reformed Church Viljoenskroon-East and the other activities offered by the church. There are devotion sessions in the centre and time for personal devotion. The childcare worker plays the organ in the Ags church and some of the children attend services with her.

Services rendered at the centre


  • The centre makes use of the services of a social worker for therapeutical sessions with the children, sees that every child has his/her own developmental plan and arrange that the multi therapeutic team meeting is held annually to evaluate achievements and plan ahead.
  • The social worker also arranges for the child for weekend and holiday leave to his/her parents or host families.
  • The social worker makes the necessary arrangements for the child to receive specialised therapeutic, like psychological- and occupational therapy.
  • The management and the child care worker ensure that the child’s basic needs are met by making sure he/she has a safe house, food, clothes and education.
  • We teach them life-skills like dishwashing, make there own beds, to respect each other, decision making, etc.

Trademarks of the centre


  • The structure of the committee is such that we involve as many organisations and individuals of the community.
  • We are supported by a group in Netherlands “Die Stichting Kinderen In Viljoenskroon” that visit us annually and bring new clothes and toys.
  • Fund raising is a joint venture of the KMD, the old age home and the centre at Nampo. We annually have a function for all our donors to say thank you.
  • We render a service to young people who already left the centre to help with accommodation.


  • We experience problems with the kombi and it will have to be replaced.
  • Volunteers to help with the smaller children’s homework.
  • A donor to pay a special therapist like a occupational therapist.
  • Pray for the child care worker, her spouse and the children.
  • Get involved as a weekend or holiday parent.

Motivation to get involved


  • You will have the opportunity to practically experience the difference you have made in a child’s life.
  • Many people say that there is more meaning in being able to give than being able to receive.


- Chinese proverb


Postal address:

P.O. Box 1051

Street address :

49 Piet Retief Street

Telephone/Fax nr: 056-343 2428
Social Workers telephone/Fax nr: 056-343 2428

Staff members

Child Care Worker : Mrs. Patsy Stafford and her husband, Eddie.
Relief CCW : Mrs. Merryl Fourie
Assistant : Me. Maureen Mokhele
Social Worker : Me. Carien Nothling



Chairman : Mrs. Errol Reid
Secretary : Mrs. Carien Notling
Chairman Finance : Mr. Jaap Steyn
Chairman Child Care : Mr. Lukas Steyn