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Adrie Eksteen is responsible for the boys in Vastrap.  Her contact number is 079 351 8305 and her address is 43 Victoria Road, Willows, Bloemfontein.  At the moment there are 9 boys between the age of 9 and 17 in the house.  One of the boys turned 18 years this year and had to leave the Centre to become part of the outside world.

The schools attended by the boys are Lettie Fouché, Böhmer and Bloemfontein Secondary School.  The boys from Vastrap eagerly compete in sport activities at school level and in 2010 they won the CUT trophy for Soccer.  In 2010 two boys from Lettie Fouché, Tefo and Andries, received Free State colours for cross country.  Andries achieved 1st and 2nd places in freestyle and breast stroke at the Inter Gala.  Michael, Andries, Joseph and Tefo achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the sprint event, shot put and long jump during friendly athletics events.  These four boys from Vastrap achieved their yellow belts in Aikido.  Andries achieved 1st place and SA colours in cross country as well as swimming for 0/17.

The children were also involved in home projects.  A painting by Tefo was sold at the Art and Wine auction and so his art talent contributed to the fund raising event.  Tefo was also chosen as the First Prince when Mr. and Miss Benevolence were chosen.  Frikkie was Mr. Benevolence in 2010.

The crowning event of the year was the annual prize-giving.  Tefo and Andries won the trophy for best sportsman for 2010.  Vastrap won the trophy for best improved garden.  At the moment the boys and Adrie are working very hard to improve on these achievements in order to win these awards and perhaps a few more in 2011.  They are also working on a project to up-grade the house with a fresh coat of paint. 


Three boys are going on a trip to the Kruger National Park in June/July.  Two boys are leaving school this year and have to go on a camp in June to prepare for the outside world.  Funds are needed for both these tours.  There is a need for sport clothes and running shoes, but most importantly the children need raincoats.

Due to the increase in prices the subsidy which the house received from the Government is not enough to cover costs.  During 2010 Vastrap relied heavily on funds and assistance from friends, family, volunteers as well as the following congregations – Fichardtpark Park, Fauresmith, Phillippolis and Bethulie.


Nuusbrief 1 - 2009:

Tans gaan dit baie goed met die Aikido.  Die klub bestaan al drie en 'n half jaar lank.  Van 13 seuns wat in Vastrap was, het hulle vermeerder na 30 lede.  12 seuns het al gradeer en hul geel belt verwerf.  Aikido is 'n gevegkuns wat ontstaan het in Japan, en die stigters van Japan en Italië gaan ons ook kom besoek tydens die kamp.  Hier leer die seuns nie net dissipline en respek nie, maar om hul opposisie in 'n aanval te elimineer sonder om regig een te beseer.

Adrie Eksteen, Kinderversorger Vastrap, Ons Kinder- en Jeugsorgsentrum