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Sasolburg Child and Youth Care Centres


The community of Sasolburg was involved at the Memorial Children’s Home at Ladybrand. In 2001 the decentralising of the children’s home stated. The Memorial Children’s Home accommodated 30 children from Sasolburg.

On the 13th of August 2001 the first two meetings were held at 14:30 and 18:00 in Sasolburg. Many people attended the meetings, including Marthie and Hennie Wagener who were involved over a long period at Ladybrand.

The first chairman was Mr. Don Esplin and Rev. Hans van Deventer was elected as the vice-chairman. Mr. Paul Lessing as the chairman of financial committee, Mr. Wimpie Lodewyk as the chairman of child care and Mr. Ennes van den Berg as the chairman of the property committee.

They decided at the meeting to take responsibility for 2 centres that can accommodate 24 children. NG Welfare bought two houses, one in 31 Hans van Rensburg Street and the other in 22 Vlaardingen Street. Alterations were necessary to transform the houses into child and youth care centres. The houses were furnished with furniture from the Memorial Children’s Home.

Me. Wilna Hansen was the first social worker that was appointed and the first two child care workers were Me. Fienie Pienaar and Me. Annette van der Walt.

The children that were accommodated were from Sasolburg and the surrounding areas. The centres opened on the 14th of January 2002. The Management Committee decided to appoint Me. Ansie Venter for marketing. The centres are proud to be the first decentralised centres to be opened in 2002 in the Free State.


Children in need of care

Each centre accommodates 12 children - 6 boys and 6 girls. Children from various cultural groups and ages are accommodated. The children achieve in sports and in academics. Since the opening of the centres, two girls were elected as head girls at their schools and one boy as vice-head boy. 


All the children attend school regularly. The primary schools they attend are Fonteine and Leeuwspruit primary school. The high schools are Afrikaans High, Sasolburg, HTS, Vaalpark and The Fakkel.


Every child has his/her own Bible and there are devotion sessions. The children attend the service of Dutch Reformed Church, Vier Ankers and the AGS church and participate in all the activities.

Services rendered at the centres

  • The management and child care worker ensure that the child’s basic needs are met by making sure he/she has a safe house, food, clothes and education.
  • The child and youth care centres make use of the services of a social worker for therapeutic sessions with the children, to draw up a developmental plan for each child and organise annualy a multi therapeutical team meeting to evaluate the achievements and to plan ahead.
  • The social worker also arranges for weekend and holiday leave to the child’s parents or host families.
  • She arranges appointments with other specialised therapists like psychologists, occupational therapist, etc.
  • We teach the children life-skills like making their beds, washing dishes, to respect each other, decision making, etc.

Outstanding trade marks of the centre

  • The centres receive 70% subsidy from the government and we have to look for funds for the other 30%. Ansie Venter is our marketer who does fundraising.  She also organises excursions for the children who stays in during holidays.
  • Every child has an volunteer aunt who takes care of his/her birthday by giving a present and arrange a party!


  • Any in kind donations like food, clothes and toiletries are welcome.
  • Sponsor a child for a sport tour.
  • Help a child with his/her homework.
  • Apparatus like swings, a trampoline or board games.

Motivation to get involved

  • Many people say that there is more meaning in being able to give than being able to receive.
  • You will have the opportunity to experience the practical difference you have made in the quality of the children's lives.
  • Remember: our children are our future.


Postal address:

P.O. Box 1843

Street address:

Office - 22 Vlaardingen Street 
Hans v Rensburg - 31 Hans van Rensburg Street
Telephone no : Office - 016-976 8202
Fax : 0862745089 / 016-976 8202
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hans v Rensburg - 016-976 5670
Vlaardingen - 016-976 1284

Staff members

Secretary at the office and marketing: Me. Ansie Venter - Tel.: 082 748 8954
Social Worker : Sanette van Vollenstee
Hans van Rensburg 
Child Care Worker: Ms Ina Adendorf
Relief Child Care Worker : Ms Doret Roets
Assistant : Me. Sannah Msimanga
Child Care Worker : Ms Antoinette Smit 
Relief Child Care Worker:  Ina Erasmus
Assistant : Ms Amelia Kheswa


Chairman : Mr. Don Esplin
Vice-chairman : Ms Marietjie van der Walt
Secretary : Ms Ansie Venter
Chairman Finance : Mr Giel van Niekerk
Chairman Childcare : Ms Charlene Neyt

Nuusbrief 1 - 2009 
This centre has great appreciation for the financial contribution of R50 103.50 received from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) during 2010. This money was used to do maintenance work at the centre.  

Visit the National Lotteries Board website to find out about other projects supported by the NLDTF