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Ringer Street Child and Youth Care Centre

 The Ringerstraat Youth Care Centre is a community project and role players of the community are involved. Me. Cecile Krause initiated the centre while she was helping at a soup kitchen of the Dutch Reformed Church. Mrs. Magda van Niekerk, Director of the Child and Youth Care Centres, held the first community meeting on 20 January 2004. Mr. Christo Krause was elected as the first chairman.

  NG Welfare bought the property on the corner of Ringer- and Church Street. Simply a few alterations were necessary to transform this house in a centre for 12 children. The Ringerstraat Youth Care Centre opened on the 10th of January 2005.


The centre can accommodate 12 children from toddlers to teenagers and the children are from various cultural groups.


  • The management and the child care worker ensure that the child’s basic needs are met by making sure he/she has a safe house, food, clothes and education.
  • The centre make use of the services of a social worker who has therapeutic sessions with the children and compiles an Individual Developmental Plan and Care Plan for each child.
  • Annually a multi therapeutic team meeting is held to evaluate the achievements and to plan ahead for every child.
  • The social worker also make arrangements for the children to visit their parents or holiday parents during weekends or holidays.
  • The social worker co-ordinates the services and makes the necessary arrangements for specialised therapy, for instance psychological, occupational, etc.
  • We also teach them life-skills like cleaning their own rooms, how to lay a table, dishwashing and skills like respect and how to make choices.


The Afrikaans speaking children are learners at Heilbron High School. Some of them participate in sport like rugby, netball, hockey, athletics and karate.  Some of the leaners go to study class after school at School of Destiny.  The Sotho speaking children attend Boitomelong Primary School.


On Sundays all the children attend the services of the Dutch Reformed Church, Heilbron and also go to Sunday school. There is time for personal devotion and they pray and sing together at the centre.  They also participate in the youth actions of the church. Each child receives a Bible on admission.


There is a big yard where the children can run and play.

The local newspaper, The Harold, motivates the community for help and report needs.

The management of the centre is actively involved and motivates the community to donate clothes, food and other services to the centre. 

The child care committee makes arrangements for the children to visit farms in the district and also expose the children to new experiences regularly.


  • We will appreciate weekend / holiday parents for the children who do not have opportunity to visit someone during the holidays.
  • We need help with the homework of the primary school children.

Motivation to get involved

  • If you choose to get involved at the youth care centre you will experience the blessing of thankful and happy children faces.
  • You will have the privilege to make a difference in the life of a child.
  • Food donations will be appreciated.
  • Prayer for the children and the child care worker.



Ringerstraat Youth Care Centre

Postal address:

P.O. Box 5

Street address:

40 Ringer street
Phone/Fax no: 058 – 852 1666
Social Worker phone/fax: 058 – 852 1666


Childcare Worker : Annette Botha - tel.:  072 876 6676
Assistant : Me. Martha Lottering
Social Worker : Vacant


Chairman : Rev. Cobus Hamman 
Secretary of Management Commitee:  Me. Antoinette Loots 
Chairperson of Finances:  Me. Marina van Deventer
Chairperson of Child Care Committee:  Me. Wilna Weilbach 
Secretary of Child Care Committee:  Me. Antoinette Loots