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Nala re Thabile Child and Youth Care Centre

The dynamic community of Bothaville forms an interdenominational multi-cultural action committee (The Bothaville Board for Charity) which, in cooperation with all the local role players, investigated the possibility of establishing two youth care centres – one in Bothaville and one in Naledi. The first meeting of this committee on 30th May 2002, was conducted by Rev. Johan Lessing, Rev. Simon Dlamini and Rev. Jan Els. The social worker, Mrs. Lettie Ferreira, also served on the committee.

The Bothaville Board for Charity requested N.G. Welfare on 10th February 2005 to consider acquiring a stand from New Holland (Vetsak), as the existing office block could be converted into a youth care centre without too large a financial outlay. There is a borehole on this property and it is within walking distance of the schools in Kgotsong and Naledi. After due consideration, this property was bought, sub-divided and rezoned so that the youth care centre would have large but manageable grounds. This office complex was converted to a very functional youth care centre. An amount of R651 601 was spend. Rev. Hennie Hattingh was chosen as the first chairman and Rev. Simon Dlamini as vice chairman at the first meeting held with interested parties from the community on the 24th November 2005. The youth care centre was inaugurated during June 2006. The name means “We are happy / contented”.


The centre cares for children from 0-18 years. At first it was registered for 16 children – 8 boys and 8 girls. On 1 April 2009 this number was enlarged to 24 children. The rooms are large and with help from the committee, have been furnished to create a homely atmosphere.

The children like to play soccer and the centre has space for a soccer field but requires soccer equipment as well as a coach for the children.

Services rendered

The youth care centre makes use of the services of a social worker. She visits the centre weekly. Three months after admitting a child, a MTT is held. The MTT involves the teacher, social worker, CYCWer, family, child-care comittee members to develop a child optimally.
The social workers and the child and youth care worker often have discussions about the child – in this way they work together as a team.

Annually a multi therapeutic team meeting is held to evaluate the progress and needs and the child's development and to plan ahead.

The social worker co-ordinates the services and makes the necessary arrangements for the child to receive specialised therapy - for instance psychological, occupational, psychiatric, medical, neurological and spiritual.

The management and the child and youth care workers ensure that the children's basic needs are met by making sure they have a safe house, food, clothes and access to education.


Secondary schools the residents attend are Oziel Selele, Mophate and Mamellang Thuto. The primary school learners are enrolled in Tjantjello Primary School. They participate in soccer and debating at school. The centre arranges extra classes for the secondary school children.

Characteristics of the centre

The centre is equipped in taking care of children exposed to an extent of social phenomana, for example HIV/AIDS, neglect, abuse, child-headed households, orphanhood and exploitation.  Most of the children have extended family living in the rural communities around Bothaville, but establishing contact with them is challenging.  It is a priority for the centre to make contact with the children's family that children can visit them over long holidays.  The centre will assist holiday visits by arranging transport and food parcels.  There are also selected holiday parents available in the community which the children visit.  During the two shorter holidays the Dutch Reformed Church provide holiday programmes and excursions for the children.


The centre mainly attends Kgotsong Methodist Church, where the child care worker is also a member.  The older children are allowed to attend the congregation they were members of before admission to the centre.  Mr Hendrik Tsibolane, an elder of the Dutch Reformed Church, visit the centre to facilitate a spiritual meeting with the children.

Possible ways how the community can get involved and help the centre

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. You can contribute in one of the following ways:

  • Donations of clothes for the children
  • Transport of children to school, clinic, hospital and shopping centres
  • Literacy material like old books, magazines
  • Games like puzzles, board games – anything the children can amuse themselves with.
  • Apparatus like swings, sand-pit, trampoline, soccer equipment, dolls and little cars.
  • There is a great need for activities and funds to be utilised during holiday times since a growing number of children stay in the youth care centre for holidays.
  • Cash donations are also welcome. This money will be used to enhance the budget and to buy necessary goods.
  • Sponsor a child’s school necessities and toiletries.
  • Sponsor a child’s therapy at a professional therapist.
  • Sponsor a child that needs specialised medical attention like orthodontics and spectacles.
  • Any in kind donations are welcome.
  • Assistance with the upgrade of the youth care centre by your knowledge, financial or physical help.
  • A handyman is needed for smaller repairs to the building.

Professional persons can also get involved at the youth care centre by donating their time to the youth care centre. They can get involved in the following manner:

  • Involvement in the financial and child care committee.
  • Hosting of children for weekends and holidays – the persons must first be screened by a minister of a church and a social worker.
  • To be a relieve child and youth care worker when the child and youth care worker attends educational courses.
  • To render free medical and dental services, or occupational- or emotional therapy.
  • Recreational activities during weekends.

Motivation of the community to get involved

Thank you...
That you made Jesus visible to me
when you...
Fed me when I was hungry
Clothed me when I was naked
Gave me education - a chance in life
Warmth when I was cold
Compassion for a broken heart
that brought healing - deep inside
Parents that taught me the lessons of life
A blanket of safety to protect me from the world
You showed me the way to LIFE
You gave me Jesus
I will forever be grateful to you
and will be part of your reward!!
See you in Heaven!!

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 268

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone no.: 057-352 9782
Fax: 086 274 9580
Social workers office: Phone no.: 056-515 1120

Street Address:

Seventh Avenue: 12

Staff members:

Child care workers: Me. Magdalene Ndonga. Tel.: 079 570 0607. She and her husband are Sotho speaking and are a real asset to the youth care centre. Their love and caring for the children results in the children soon feeling secure and loved and helps them to adjust to living in the youth care centre. Mr Aaron Mahlokoane (074 258 5523) is the child care worker taking care of the boys.  He has experience working in Secure Care and enjoys doing soccer programmes with the children.  The contact number for the centre is 056 515 2571.

Relief child care worker: Me. Mirriam Medi also works as an extra assistant because of the number of the very young children. She has a special affection for them.

Social worker: Me. Alet de Waal - Tel.: 074 138 0303

Assistant: Me. Joyce Medi has to do all the cleaning and without her the centre could not function.

Garden assistant: Pieter Mangaye is responsible for the garden and is also appointed as an emergency relief child care worker.


Chairman: Dr. Pieter van Jaarsveld

Finances: Mr. Willie Kruger
Child care chair person: Hendrik Tsibolane

Letter from a local volunteer

I’m Engy, 20 years old and a volunteer at Nala Re Thabile Youth Care Centre in Bothaville since April 2007. Through my presence I guide the children’s spiritual growth and teach them about life.

To let our children be filled with the Christmas spirit, we organised a Christmas party on the 26th of November 2007 with cakes, cookies and presents. It was overwhelming to see them so happy and appreciating what they were given.

What will a Christmas party be without a Christmas play? Thus we gave quite a performance on the Christmas play spicing it up with songs like “Silent Night” and “Mary Christmas” which made it a day to remember – even for the grown ups.

Stuffed with cookies and joy, the Christmas party might have come to an end that day, but the love and care the children receive in Nala, will continue.

It is like my second home and I want to thank Magdaline for being such a great mother to them. May God give her all the love and patience she needs for the children.

Thank you!

Letter from a chairperson

There are 24 children in Nala Re Thabile at present, ages varying from a few months old to 17 years. Most of these children were taken from homes where there had been abuse or where parents / grandparents are not capable of taking care of them.

The caretaker, me Magdeline Ndonga and her assistant, me Joyce Medi, have their hands full to care for these children. They are supported by a committee who specifically focus on the well being of these children. They perform under the supervision of a social worker. Locally the team functions under the chairmanship of me Engy Peteni from Khotsong.

Some of the children are traumatized. They need special care. Me Ndonga had to travel to Bloemfontein from time to time to bring these children under the treatment of people specialising in certain fields.

The board consists of 18 people from different backgrounds to fulfill certain duties or responsibilities.

The state subsidises the home. However, the subsidy can’t service the budget. Therefore the Board appeals to the community to get involved in this wonderful project from the people of Bothaville / Kgotsong. The home receives certain donations like food supplies and clothes but still needs a lot to pull through.

Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld (Chairperson)

The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) donated an industrial stove to this centre during 2009 and a gas stove and a water conserving tank during 2010. Thank you NLDTF! This enable us to help 24 children!

Visit the National Lotteries Board website to find out about other projects supported by the NLDTF