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Moredou House

Mrs. Labuschagne is the child care worker of Môredou. We have 10 boys, aged 13 to 18 years, staying here.

We strive to create a homely atmosphere for them and to do everything together. The aim is to satisfy the basic needs of the boys.

The children are taken on outdoor excursions to broaden and enrich their environmental experience and vision of life.

Various activities are presented at the centre, for example: talent evenings, sock dances, Aikido classes and art classes.

The boys attend different schools and take part in extramural activities.

The boys participate in church activities and are involved in the centre's coffee shop on Friday evenings.

The general assistant, Frangenu Temeki, takes care of the washing, ironing and general cleaning of the house.

We sincerely thank every person involved for their donations, gifts, support and prayers.