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Maanblom Child and Youth Care Centre

The first meeting was held on the 27th August 2002 in Virginia with the intention to start the centre. At that stage 26 children of the area were in the Winburg Children’s Home. That was the biggest motivation for the decentralisation. Persons significant in the lives of the children like family, had to go to Winburg to visit. The community also had to go to Winburg for support, help and to make donations. From the start it was the intention that the communities of Hennenman and Virginia should work together to start and manage the centre. It was decided that Virginia would be the better option because of the fact that it has a special school namely Nobilis. Hennenman doesn’t have the same facility. The first management meeting was held on the 17th September 2002. On that occasion Mr. Oscar van Wyk was chosen as chairman. The furniture for the centre was received from the Winburg Children’s Home. It was the female role players that worked very hard to furnish the centre and make it homely. Some of these women still carry the wellbeing of the centre at heart and the women still on the management team are Nonnie van Schalkwyk and Hendriena Engelbrecht of Hennenman.

The first child care worker was Mrs. Annelie Parsons. She was also a child care worker at Winburg Children’s Home.


Children in need of care in the youth care centre

The centre provides care, education, development and treatment to 12 children who are found in need of care in terms of the Children's Act. The most important reasons why children in the centre were taken from the care of the parents are as follows: i) abuse and / or molestation ii) lack of means and neglect and also behaviour of the children that parents could not control. We also have orphans in the centre. Children of both sexes and ages 0 – 18 and different cultures are placed in the centre.

The languages spoken in the centre are English and Afrikaans. The children attend different schools in the area like Merriespruit Primary School, Virginia Volkskool, Hentie Cilliers High School and Nobilis School. The setup of the children in our “house” differs because we fulfil the needs of the Virginia, Hennenman, Welkom and Bronville communities. Children are placed back in the care of the parents, foster parents and family as soon as we are sure that it is in their best interest. We seldom have vacancies because the need is so big for new kids to be admitted. Newcomers are usually surprised with the homely atmosphere of the centre. We have a beautiful garden and we all love to participate in keeping it in tact.

Most of the children attend the Dutch Reformed Church, Virginia West. Some of the kids attend the AGS Church. Vickus Prinsloo visits the centre on a weekly basis to tend to family devotions.


 Possible ways how the community can get involved and help the centre

The centre receives a monthly subsidy of the Department of Social Development. The subsidy covers approximately 68% of the needs of the centre. That brings to pass that the community and congregations are asked to fill in the income. That goes for in kind handouts of food and clothing that make up for a lack of income. The centre is dependant on such donations.
We have sincere appreciation for all the different congregations for regular contributions.

Postal address:

10 Maanblom Street
P.O. Box 82

Phone no.: 057-2124434
Fax.: 057-2124434

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Staff members:

Child care worker: Ms. Kriekie Engelbrecht
Social worker: Ms. Christa Maree 
Relief child care worker:  Ms. Chrissie Adendorff
Assistant: Ms. Gladys Mokhora


Chairperson: Rev. Hannes Haggard
Vice-chairperson: Rev. Kobus Vermeulen
Finances: Rev. Rudolph Strydom
Child care: Ms. Hendrina Engelbrecht