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I am Mary Botha, child-care worker at Lentedou. Susan Drotsky is the relief child-care worker and Maria Temeki is the assistant.

There are 11 boys, aged 4 to 12, in the house. The youngest is four-year-old Willem. He loves riding on the toy motorcycles and playing on the “monkey” frame. He’s very friendly, always ready for a laugh and not shy at all. He shows great appreciation for anything that you give him or do for him.

Marius is 6 years old and has cerebral palsy. He attends nursery-school at Martie du Plessis. His two brothers, Tobie (7 years) and Joggie (9 years), also stay in Lentedou. Marius very proudly brings his paintings home from school almost every day. Joggie is in grade 1 at Dr Viljoen. He doesn’t like school all that much, but he goes every day and is delighted when he gets homework.

Tony is 8 years old and a newcomer to Lentedou. He’s very helpful and willing to do any chore, even when it’s someone else’s responsibility. Johan is in grade 4 in Bloemfontein Primary. He’s very reserved and can quickly withdraw from other people. Luvendro is in grade 3 at Dr Viljoen where he does well in his studies. Jan, 12 years old, is also a newcomer. He speaks Sotho and is currently learning to speak Afrikaans. He’s also a very helpful child.

The kids are involved in the coffee shop and in various extra-mural activities. The younger ones attend children’s scriptures in the Herberg. There’s a climbing frame at the house where the children amuse themselves in their spare time.

All the children have special needs, such as speech therapy and medical care.

The four Dutch Reformed Church congregations involved in Lentedou are Trompsburg, Brandwag, Hospital Park and Estoire. Firms, like Inner Wheel and Claude Reid, also contribute. We also have students who periodically stop by to play with the smaller children or to dish out sweets.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our congregations and other benefactors for everything that they do for us.