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Hlohloloane Child and Youth Care Centre

On the 14th of June 2004 a meeting was held with the community of Clocolan to investigate the possibility to establish a Youth Care Centre. At two previous occasions meetings were held with groups in the community.

It came under our attention that 35 children some as young as 6 years old stayed under a bridge at the Rubbish dumps. These children were abandoned, and orphans. A feeding scheme provided food to these children. A management was elected and Mrs. Marietha Groenewald was elected as chairman and Mr. Paulus Phala as vice-chairman.

Temporally housing was rented at 34 Third avenue east, Clocolan from Mr. Aranyana until other arrangements could be made. Unfortunately the children had to sleep on foam mattresses on the floor. A suitable building was bought by NG Welfare and renovated into a Youth Care Centre where 15 boys and 15 girls could be cared for. 

 The centre was officially opened in 2005 and registered as a Children’s Home. Next to the children's home is a Community Hall where programmes are rendered to the youth and children of the community. The yard of the youth care centre is big enough that a vegetable garden and fruit trees could be planted.

It was then decided to name the child and youth care centre Hlohloloane which is a historic name. It is a Basuto word which originate during 1800 when two black tribes, the Bakwena and Baphuti had a quarrel and fought against each other. The Bakwena tribe had a very successful grain crop and asked the Baphuti tribe to help harvest the grain and stamp the baskets where the grain was kept. The quarrel originated when the baskets where filled. During this quarrel the Headman said “Hlohla-U-loane which meant “Stamp and fight”. As time went by, the name of the town was simplified to Clocolan by an Englishman, Mr Anderson.

Present Circumstances:

The youth care centre houses black boys and girls. The youngest of the children are 4 years old and the eldest 17 years. The children are taught to make wire bicycles, other wire ornamentals and jewelry.

The child care workers are Me. Agnes Motoai and Mr. Abrahm Rantenne. The Chairperson of the management is Rev. Wilhelm Rothman. The relief child care worker is Ellen Mokhachane and the assistant child care workers are Theresa Phala and Annacletta Chaka. Social work services are rendered by Mrs. Lettie Ferreira.

Services rendered to the children and community:


  • Therapeutic services and group work;
  • Physical and psychological caring of the children by the child care workers;
  • Schooling;
  • Feeding and clothing to the children in the community where there are a need.
  • Religious and school education

Church and school: 

The children attend the church of the Methodist, Anglican, Fire Ministry, Apolstalic and St Engenas ZCC. Other churches are invited to visit the children in the child and youth care centre and to render services.

The children attend local schools like Kgutliso Primary school and Tshepong High School in the black community and the Clocolan High School. Pre-school children attend the crèche in the same community.

Interest, performances and exemptions of the children:

The children of the child and youth care centre formed a soccer team and participate locally. The children participate in school activities like athletics and soccer for the girls. 13 Children attended the SA Championships for Line Dancing and some medals was won. One boy was announced as the champion dancer.

Academically the children perform very well. Five of the children earned awards for good results. One child was the top performer of his class. Children are elected as leaders in their classes. A girl is head girl of her school.

Involvement of the community:

Local Business supports the child and youth care centre through donations like clothes, toys and nutrients.


Outstanding characteristics of the youth care centre:

The caring of the children in the youth care centre, as well as the caring of the children in the community.


Community involvement is needed to sponser outings, entertainment and weekend- and holiday parents.

Street address:

30 Second Avenue East

Postal address:

P.O. Box 109

Telephone and fax number : 051 943 1776
Social worker: Mrs. Lettie Ferreira (Tel: 051 924 0877 / 084 458 5991)


Chairperson: Rev. A.W. Rothman, tel: 084 517 6099
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. W. Rautenbach
Secretary: Mrs. L. Ferreira
Chairperson of Finance Committee: Rev. Rothman
Chairperson of Child Care Committee: Me. C. Latyeba

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees, flowers, clouds and stars.  (Martin Luther)

News from Newsletter 1 - 2009:

Hlohloloane Child and Youth Care Centre is situated about 50km from Ficksburg in a small town called Clocolan.  The centre has been operating since 2005 and is now registered to accommodate 30 children at a time.  Our age group ranges from 3 years to 17 years.

Our centre is structured to function as a home and we all consider this place as our home and we are all brothers and sisters.  We do have various activities, including choir practice, a line dancing group and a gumboot-dancing group.

We have fun most of the time but our academic activities are our main focus.  Our main objective is to make sure that all the children within the centre have access to a better education and as a result they attain the best results at the end of each academic year.  We are lucky that we have a volunteer who help us with our assignments and the award ceremonies at the end of each year tends to be the high light of the year.  In 2008 one of the children was at the top of her class in each and every subject and we also have a head girl form the centre.  We now have 5 of our children in high school and are so proud of them.

We are very fortunate to have Mme Sharon whose passion goes beyond just dancing.  We started line dancing in April 2008 and it immediately become the most loved activity in the centre.  We have a group of fourteen and dancing is all they talk about.  The line dance group has already attends various functions and shows and always gets an overwhelming applause.

The line dance group had the opportunity to go to Durban for the South African Championships and attained 1 gold, 1 silver and 8 bronze medals.  This means that one of our boys is holding the 2008 South African Line Dancing Association title.  Our housemother got a bronze medal as well.

This was the experience of a lifetime and we are grateful to each and everyone who took part into making the trip possible and the competition to be a success.

Hlohloloane Child and Youth Care Centre, Clocolan

This centre has a feeding scheme that continuously provide a balanced meal to children of the community. This project is possible thanks to a contribution from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) and make a daily difference to approximately 60 children's lives. The centre also received a refrigerator and fridge from the NLDTF.

The service should not have been possible without this contribution!

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