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Helderkruin is one of the houses of Our Children Child and Youth Care Centre. Louisa Saila is the child-care worker at Helderkruin and Elizabeth Morapedi is the relief child-care worker. Elizabeth Masakala is the assistant.

Helderkruin is a girls’ house and their ages are form 11 and 18 years old. They go to different schools and take part is different activities at the schools. One of the girls has received Free State Colours for netball. They also take part in activities that take place at the youth care centre like Aikido, netball and drama.

The girls are taught certain life skills, such as cooking. We read the Bible and have discussions about it. We have meals as a group and we feel that it’s important that everybody should be in the dining room on time. The girls enjoy watching TV together. Birthdays are important to the girls, so we always make it a special occasion.

The churches involved with us, lend a generous helping hand with the girls’ birthday parties in order to make the events something really special. We are dependant on them for donations and for pampering us. The Aandblom, Noordhoek, Ooshoek, Rouxville, Fichardt Park and Fichardt Kruin Dutch Reformed Churches are involved at our house.

You may get involved by visiting our home, donations of any kind will be appreciated like food, clothing (private and school uniform). We also need a wahing machine to make the workload easier.

We are sincerely grateful for the involvement and support that we receive from everybody.