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The dynamic community of Bothaville forms an interdenominational multi-cultural action committee (The Bothaville Board for Charity) which, in cooperation with all the local role players, investigate the possibility of establishing two youth care centres - one in Bothaville (Afrikaans) and one in Naledi (Sotho). The first meeting of this committee on 30 May 2002 was conducted by Rev. Johan Lessing, Rev. Simon Dlamini and Rev. Jan Ells. The social worker of the Oranje Vroue Vereniging, Mrs. Lettie Ferreira, also served on the committee.

A home was bought by NG Welfare at 18 Eikelaan. Alterations and renovations had been made and the centre opened in January 2003. The centre is situated at the end of the town in a relative quiet area.


The centre accommodates 12 children between the ages of 0 to 18 years. The children attend the Speel Skool, Kleinbroek Primary School, Loskuil Primary School, Eben Dönges Primary School and Bothaville High School.

Some of them take part in athletics, netball, hockey and rugby.

Services rendered

The child and youth care centre make use of the services of a social worker. She has not less than two therapeutic sessions with each child every quarter.

When a child is admitted to the centre, a multi therapeutic team meeting is held to draw up an individual care plan for each child. This plan helps the persons involved with the child to know who will render which services to the child concerned. It also helps to co-ordinate the services.

The social worker and the child and youth care worker often have discussions about the child - in this way they work together as a team.

Annually a multi therapeutic team meeting is held to evaluate the achievements and to plan ahead.

The social worker co-ordinates the services and makes the necessary arrangements for the child to receive specialise therapy, for instance psychological, occupational, psychiatric, medical, neurological, private social workers and spiritual counselors.

During holidays and some weekends the children visit their parents, family and weekend and holiday parents.

The management and the child and youth are worker ensures that the child's basic needs are met by making sure he / she has a safe house, food, clothes and education.


All the children attend the Dutch Reformed Churches in Bothaville and the Sunday school at Meyerhof.  Every child have his or her own Bible.


A beautiful garden surrenders the centre. The child care workers and the children work very hard to keep the garden neat and beautiful. There is a trampoline.

Possible ways how the community can get involved and help the centre

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. You can contribute in one of the following methods:

  • Donations of clothes for the children.
  • Literacy material like old books, magazines.
  • Games like puzzles, board games - anything the children can amuse themselves with. There is a great need for activities and funds to be utilized during holiday times.   Cash donations are also welcome. This money will be used to enhance the budget and to buy necessary goods.
  • Sponsor a child's school necessities and toiletries.
  • Sponsor a child's therapy at a professional therapist.
  • Sponsor a child that needs specialised medical attention like orthodontics and spectacles.
  • Any in natura donations are welcome.

Professional persons can also get involved at the youth care centre by donating their time to the youth care centre. They can get involved in the following manner:

  • Involvement at the committee
  • Hosting of children for weekends and holidays - the persons must first be screen by a minister of a church and a social worker.
  • To be a relieve child and youth care worker when the child and youth care worker attends educational courses.
  • To render free medical and dental services, or occupational therapy or emotional therapy.

    "We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."  Marian Wright Edelman

Motivation of the community to get involved

If you choose to get involved at the youth care centre, you will experience the blessings of thankful and happy children faces. You will have the opportunity to experience the practical difference you have made in the quality of the children. Often people report that they initially got involved at the youth care centre in order to mean something to a child. In the process they were the persons being blessed. Many people say that there is more meaning in being able to give than being able to receive. In which ever way you choose to be involved in the child and youth care centre, it is certain that you will be touched by it!

Details of our centre:

Eikelaan Child and Youth Care Centre
18 Eikelaan
P.O. Bx 230

Phone no.: 056-5152689 Fax no.: 056-5152689

E-mail address:

Staff members: Ms. van Schalkwyk (Tel.:  073 391 5412) is the child care worker since June 2009
Social worker: Ms. Alet de Waal (Tel.:  074 138 0303)

Assistant: Ms. Josephine Tutubala has to do all the cleaning.
Principal social worker: Christa Maree 082 449 0107

Chairman: Rev. Jan Els
Finances: Rev. Jan Els
Child Care: Mr. Lucas Breytenbach
Secretary: Me. Annesia Snyman