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David's Place

The opening of a youth care centre in Ficksburg was initiated by Pastor Craige Harvey who is the minister of the New Covenant Church and a leader in the community of Ficksburg and Meqheleng. He started out by looking after a number of orphans and street children within the environment of the church without financial support from the Government.

Throughout the planning fase he involved a number of community members and set up the first meeting on 25 February 2005. At this meeting, a management committee was elected and they held their first meeting on 23 February 2005. The committee elected Pastor Craige Harvey to chairman and Pastor Eddie Nthinya to vice-chairman.


The name David’s Place has been chosen as a result of the content of II Samuel 23:8 – 39. The chapter describe David’s flight from King Saul into the cave of Adullam. It goes on to describe that he was joined by a number of refugees and he later became their leader. As a group they developed into a mighty strong force under David’s leadership.

Housing the children

With the support from NG Welfare a house was purchased from Dr. Claire Barret and her husband Jack Armour for R90 000.00. The house was renovated and enlarged to accommodate the children. At the moment we are looking into purchasing the adjacent vacant stand in order to develop playing grounds for the children.

The centre was opened and started to operate from December 2005. It has been registered with the Department of Social Development to accommodate 12 needy children (girls and boys). The youngest resident is 4 years old with the eldest being 18 years of age. They are all Sotho speaking children.

Staff caring for the children

The following people take care of the children:

Child care worker : Lydia Taeli

Assistant child care worker : Mary Nthalpo

Assistant: Elizabeth Muso

Social worker : Lettie Ferreira

Services to the community by the centre

The centre supplies food and clothes to a limited number of children from the local community.

School / church attended by children

We currently have residents attending school at Meqheleng Primary School, MJ Mohlahle High School and Masaleng Primary School. All residents in the centre are actively involved in the New Covenant Church of Ficksburg.

Interests, achievements and exceptional qualities of children

The residents are all passionate about attending school and attend extra mural activities such as soccer, hockey and netbal.

Support from the community

The centre is well supported by local businesses and residents of the community through cash contributions and in kind donations.

Outstanding qualities of the centre

  • The centre is equipped to house children of all ages.
  • The staff posesses exceptional abilities and skills.
  • A professional social worker attends to the children.
  • The centre has access to years of experience in the Free State Youth Care Centres-system.


The centre’s highest priority needs to care for the children are:

  • Heaters for the winter
  • Winter sheets for 14 single beds
  • Television
  • Jungle Gym

Street Address:  9 De Villiers Street, Ficksburg

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 522, Ficksburg, 9730

Telephone and fax no:  051 933 2974

Social worker:  Ms. Lettie Ferreira (Tel.:  051 924 0877)


Pastor Graige Harvey

Vice chairperson:  Mr R. Scholtz

Chairperson of the finance committee:  Mr R. Scholtz

Chairperson of the child care committee:  Pastor C Harvey


Me E.M. Morobe
Ref Janlu Kuyler
Me M. Schapiro
Rev Gavin Hoole
Rev P.J. Grove
Mr J. Burrows