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Dagbreek is a house with its’ own unique combination of boys. Each one has his own personality, but each one can steal your heart with a simple thing like a hug. The boys of Dagbreek House make life worthwhile.

Dagbreek is home to 10 boys. Their ages vary from 12 to 15 years and they come from differing cultures and backgrounds, but for each of them Dagbreek House is their safe harbour.

Dagbreek is managed by Rina Baadjies and the assistant is Mary Leeuw. All the tasty meals and snacks are prepared by them.

The boys here take part in various activities. They play soccer and rugby and they join in group activities that are part of the program to prepare them for life outside the centre. In therapeutic sessions, they are taught how to solve problems and control aggression. In the centre’s coffee-room, they are introduced to subjects like art and drama. The swimming pool and jungle gym are popular outlets for excess energy.

They attend school at Böhmer, Dr Viljoen, Lettie Fouché and Martie du Plessis, where they also participate in sports like soccer, rugby and swimming.

We are grateful for all the support, contributions and concern shown by the congregations of Heuwelsig and Wesselsbron who make life so much easier for us. Mere words can never express the gratitude that the boys feel.