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Children Centre


On 5 September 1914 a meeting was held in Bloemfontein, where the congregation, having identified an urgent need for a home for neglected children, were informed by management that a house had been rented at 32 Victoria Road for a period of six months at a cost of six pounds (twelve rand) per month.

Me Maritz was the designated house mother and a worker, Anna Vermeulen, was appointed at a salary of 10 shillings (one rand) per month. A certain Dr Krause provided medical assistance for a fee of half-a-crown (twenty five cents) per visit.

On 17 September 1973 the motto “Tot Alles in Staat” (Capable of Everything) was adopted, but six months later this was changed to “Reik na die Hoogste” (Reach for the Highest).

On 22 April 1975 it was decided that an emblem depicting a soaring eagle would be a fitting addition to the motto. Me Stofberg designed the emblem and this logo is still in use.

On 24 March 1977 Ds Van Rooyen, the Centre’s director, presented management with the lyrics of a song that compliments the logo of the Children’s Home. The song is based on the melodic theme of “Climb Every Mountain”.

On 11 September 2004 the Children’s Home celebrated its’ 91st anniversary and its’ name was changed to better express the growth and development that had taken place over the years. The new name is ‘Ons Kinder- en Jeugsorgsentrum’ (“Our Child and Youth Care Centre”).

The centre consists of 10 houses and it also serves as a Therapeutic Centre. The Centre cares for 100 children with special needs who are looked after by a multi-professional team.

The centre has a rich history and this is reflected in the furniture, documents and photos that have been preserved.


The Therapeutic Centre is a special program of the Free State Youth Care Centres and is available to children of all age groups with special needs. The aim of the Therapeutic Centre is to bring about behavioural change in these children to enable them to be placed in a less restrictive and more empowering environment within a period of approximately two years.

Children still enjoy the same privileges as in any other youth care centre, within a structured therapeutic environment.


The purpose of the Centre is to provide a program of care, treatment and development from a Christian perspective for children who are in need of care or who are allegedly in need of care.


The centre:

  • provides safe custody to the children in the centre.
  • provides for the basic needs of these children.
  • provides a service to children with special needs.
  • assesses these children in a safe environment.
  • prepares a plan of care and individual development for each child who is admitted and carries it through to fulfillment.
  • promotes training and development of its’ own personnel, as well as volunteers and others.
  • serves as a resource facility for other centres and organisations by making available multi-professional skills.
  • is managed on a cost effective and financially sound basis.



43 Victoria Road

P.O. Box 12988

Tel.: 051-4442938
Fax: 051-444 2627

Contributions from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) already made a huge difference at this child and youth care centre. During 2009 funds were received for Hino Super F bus. This financial contribution was made after 2 of the centre's combi's were stolen. The new bus provided great relief.

During 2010 this centre received money for a 60 seater bus. Our child and youth care centre couldn't receive support on a more convenient time!

This centre does not have any additional funds to do maintenance work. The NLDTF's contribution to repair the hall created gratitude by the personnel and the children enjoy the jungle gym and the multi functional activity court with climbing lanes!

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